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Life's Milestones

Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals

St. Columba’s welcomes inquiries concerning baptisms, weddings, and funerals. These so-called “Occasional Offices” are, of course, always available to members of the congregation. But they often create an opportunity for those who are not parishioners to explore a new church home with us. For more information, call the parish office at 401.847.5571 or email



St. Columba’s can provide a place to rest and reflect on the presence of God in a sad and difficult time. Our witness to the Risen Christ is a source of hope and strength. Usually, the funeral director will contact St. Columba’s to discuss arrangements; you may also reach out to us.



Parents often see the birth of a child as a time to connect, or reconnect, with the church, and to establish a spiritual base for their family. Though baptism can happen at any age, it should take place in the context of a commitment to Christ and His Church. Baptisms always take place within the context of public worship.



The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage is a sacramental service that takes place within the community of the church. Normally, membership in the parish precedes a wedding. But we do recognize that a wedding might be the beginning of a relationship with St. Columba’s and the Episcopal Church, and we welcome inquiries from any person, parishioner or not, divorced or not. For more information on weddings at St. Columba's, click here.

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